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Rental Application Page
Tenant Credit Report and Background Checks
Dear Prospective tenants:

In order to expedite the tenant screening process, we ask that you provide a completed rental application along with $75.00 background check fee.

The $75.00 background check fee allows us to pay an outside vendor a fee to initiate certain background checks about you that will allow us to determine your qualification in renting a property from us. The background checks include, but are not limited to: Credit report, criminal background, past employment background, present employment verification, sources of income verification, rental history, mortgage history, and any other checks that are relative in determining a quality tenant. In order for us to insure an objective approach to tenant selection, background checks are mandatory.

The $75.00 background check fee applies to individuals 18 years of age and older. 
All prospective residents 18 years of age and older must complete an application form to include, co-inhabitants, roommates and all other potential occupants 18 years of age and older.  
Married couples can complete one community application with one fee
ALL other "Individual" applicants must each pay separately for a background check.

The background check fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Upon payment of the background check fee, we use the funds to initiate the necessary background checks and therefore immediately utilize the fees.

The background check fees are NON-REFUNDABLE even if you are denied occupancy.

If you are denied occupancy due to your credit report, you need to contact the credit-reporting agency directly and initiate any challenges or investigations directly with them. If you are denied because of other reasons, we will inform you of the reason of your denial.

If you know that your credit report is unsatisfactory or you have bad rental history or have a felony conviction that will affect your tenancy or believe that there are other factors that may affect your applications, please discuss that with us. You may want to reconsider your application for tenancy, knowing that we cannot allow an unqualified tenant into our rental dwellings. 

We do not want you to spend money knowing that you may be denied tenancy.

Thank you for your understanding.
Manago Management, LLC

Click Here to Pay for your Rental Application with PayPal
To complete a rental application:  

1.)  Click on the "rental application" button on the right, complete the form in its entirety.

2.)  Then email the application to:

3.)  You may also mail or drop-off the application to our office:  

4.)  Please also submit proof of verifiable income and proof of employment and/or sources of funds:  minimum two pay-stub receipts and/or proof of any other sources of income (ex. social security payments). 

5.)  Submit rental references and any other documents that may assist you in getting that rental property to include Verification of Rental (VOR) from former landlords.

6.) Please insure that you pay the rental application fee by "clicking" the Pay-Pal payment button below.  Rental Applications without payment will NOT be processed.  

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