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P.O. Box 94556 
Las Vegas, NV 89193
(702) 614-8007 or (702) 377-9189 or (702) 355-9740
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Licensed Agents presently affiliated with our organization

Welcome to your big, happy, real estate family!

​Real Estate Agent members:  

TERMINATING / Separating:  If you so desire to terminate from our brokerage, please click-on the "termination" Link below.  

Renewals (your Real Estate license is about to expire):  
Please Click-On the RENEWAL button.  

Real Estate 
TRANSACTION Submission Link:
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Real Estate License Renewal 
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Separating or Terminating from the company, click here
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Transactions Submissions: 
If you're closing a real estate transaction or has already closed a transaction, please click-on the "real estate TRANSACTION" link below. That link will direct you on how to submit the files required to the brokerage.  

Closing packages from escrow should be delivered to our "Desert Inn" office, the address is as follows:
1751 E. Desert Inn Road
Las Vegas, NV 89169 
(702) 258-4001
ANNUAL PAYMENT:  Real Estate License Hanging Fee 
Deborah Ness
Real Estate Broker 
Greg Hartline,
Real Estate Broker 
Annual Fee
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From the broker:

Agents, please insure that your email address is up-to-date... 
We are no longer "mailing" via USPS the annual billings.  
All billings, correspondence, inquiries and any other communications between broker and agents will be by email exclusively (saves me money)... 
Unless of course, we need to revert back to mailing you something, like a certified notice.
Email me with any updates that's happening in your life (that is of concern to me); most importantly, email me your current, latest, and/or most up-to-date, email address (I'm starting to miss you already).   

Kind regards, 
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