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P.O. Box 94556 
Las Vegas, NV 89193
(702) 283-4858 (Greg's Cell)
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Licensed Agents presently affiliated with our organization

Welcome to your big, happy, real estate family!

​Real Estate Agent members: 

TERMINATING / Separating:  If you so desire to terminate from our brokerage, please click-on the "termination" Link below.  

Renewals (your Real Estate license is about to expire):  
Please Click-On the RENEWAL button.  

Real Estate 
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Real Estate License Renewal 
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Separating or Terminating from the company, click here
Transactions Submissions: 
If you're closing a real estate transaction or has already closed a transaction, please click-on the "real estate TRANSACTION" link below. That link will direct you on how to submit the files required to the brokerage.  

ATTENTION ALL AGENTS, regarding Transaction Files submissions...
The brokerage is no longer accepting file submission via online..., our compliance clerk became inundated with too many incomplete files being submitted by too many agents not following directions simultaneously, thus we got backed-up and almost exploded, therefore....

Sales agents must assemble a file in accordance with the Sales File, Listing File, Referral File, Other File, CHECKLIST.  Assemble the required documents as mandated in the Sales File, Listing File, Referral File, Other File, CHECKLIST, turn-in the file to the office after the transaction is fully consummated, (and/or after the close of escrow).  

Closing packages from escrow and COMPLETED transaction files must be delivered to the office below:  
Manago Management LLC 
1751 E. Desert Inn Road
Las Vegas, NV 89169 
(702) 614-8007

ANNUAL PAYMENT:  Real Estate License Hanging Fee 
Deborah Ness
Real Estate Broker 
Greg Hartline,
Real Estate Broker 
Annual Fee 
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Message Board:  

From The BROKER:

1.)  Agents, please insure that your email address is up-to-date... 
We are no longer "mailing" via USPS the annual billings.  

2.)  All billings, correspondence, inquiries and any other communications between broker and agents will be by email exclusively (saves me money)... 
Unless of course, we need to revert back to mailing you something, like a certified notice.
Email me with any updates that's happening in your life (that is of concern to me or the company); most importantly, email me your current, latest, and/or most up-to-date, email address (I'm starting to miss you already).   

3.)  Do NOT send personal and business MAIL to the office..., do NOT use the office as your personal address.  We have numerous junk mail being mailed to the office and we have to forward these items to your personal address; lots of time, money, and effort being spent on additional staffing just to forward mail to agents.  I have a solution, use your personal address for these things..., "VIOLA"  problem solved.  Again, use your personal address for your correspondence.  Thank you 

4.)  Agents... Please, please, pretty please, pay your ANNUAL Fees on time especially when you are billed, it's on your anniversary month, if you don't know it, email me...  LATE FEES will be imposed in the amount of a measly $10.  Save yourselves 10 bucks, pay on time.  

5.)  Agents that do not respond or just rudely ignores the office's email regarding annual fees will be severed from the company... Come on guys, having the office re-send you notices after notices is immature and rude, and costs ME money, yes me the broker.  It's just NOT very professional when you ignore your personal responsibility, thus respond to the broker's emails, thank you.  

6.)  Agents, MEMORIZE your R.E. License EXPIRATION DATE, it is NOT the responsibility of the broker to remind you to renew your R.E. License, it is YOUR responsibility to renew your R.E. License and do it on time.  I was recently told (yelled at) by an agent that her R.E. License expired and I was obligated (responsible) with informing her of her pending expiration which she failed to correct, thus her license expire...  Again not the fault of your broker (call NRED if you think I'm wrong), this is a personal responsibility issue, know when you need to renew your license and renew accordingly, take responsibility for your actions... 

Email us, and we will (more than happy) to email you a copy of your R.E. License.  It's usually the date that you signed your ICA (Independent contractor's agreement).

Kind regards, 
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Contact Us
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