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P.O. Box 94556 
Las Vegas, NV 89193
(702) 283-4858 (Greg's Cell)
Don't put your real estate license on ice

Join our Non-MLS, Non-Realtor, company.
Keep your license active and save$$

No MLS Fees
No Lockbox, supra, 
and key Fees
No monthly fees

only $80 per YEAR

Join our Realtor affiliated company and also save$$

No Monthly Fees

only $80 per YEAR

You've worked too dang hard to just let it fade away... Hang your real estate license with us for only $80.00 per YEAR. Continue to sell real estate or not, continue to market yourself as a real estate agent; possibly sell commercial properties, land, repos, residential, even business ventures. Work full-time, work part-time, or work no-time, there are no transaction minimums or limits; sell your moms house, sell your own house, or even buy yourself a house… 

We are a Las Vegas based licensed real estate property management company and we can hang your Nevada real estate license..., your real estate license can remain active and you can continue to engage with real estate sales and other real estate activities..., or relax, retire, and just enjoy life. 

You don’t even have to join the REALTOR board and pay their outrageous fees if you don’t want to. Perfect for out of town brokers and agents, or part-timers or agents simply taking a break or have other jobs and/or obligations, OR agents that simply want to hang their real estate  license and claim to be active but rarely committing to sales.   

There are no minimum transactions required unlike other license hanging brokerages offering free real estate license hanging however setting a minimum transaction requirement or other hidden agendas, otherwise you’ll be charged a hefty amount for hanging your license with them. Also, some companies require you to join the Association of Realtors, not here. Again, we don’t require you to consummate anything or join anybody… no minimums and no membership to any organizations, just pay $80.00 per year, hang your license and relax… or conduct real estate business as usual, it's up to you on how YOU want to conduct YOUR business.  

If you are aspiring to join an MLS / Realtor company, but just don't have the funds yet available to pay the Realtor fees, you can hang your license with us until such time you become financially viable to commit to the REALTOR organization, it's a simple transfer process.  

If you desire an MLS or REALTOR firm, we can help you with that also; you can transfer your license to our Realtor company and have MLS privileges with one simple transfer form.  

We are affiliated with the National Realty Group of companies to include City National Properties LLC, National Properties Realty LLC, Hartline Properties Inc., WindSun Realty, Pacific Group, and Manago Management LLC. Six established and licensed real estate brokerages being managed by five honest, tenured, and hard working, licensed real estate brokers that know the industry's ins and outs with over 100 years of combined real estate experience. If you’re going to be active in real estate or simply just want to hang your license, we can help.

​Manny Manago, M.S., B.A., ARM, CREC
Real Estate Broker / Property Manager / Business Broker 
Adjunct Professor, CSN-Real Estate Studies
U.S. Army Veteran
UNLV Graduate

Greg Hartline, MBA, CCIM, CPM
Real Estate Broker / Property Manager / Business Broker 
Adjunct Professor, CSN-Real Estate Studies
University of Kansas (KU) Graduate

Antonio Correia, M.S., CREC
Real Estate Broker,
Brown University Graduate

Debra Ness, 
Real Estate Broker
UNLV Graduate 

Jesus Esparza,
Real Estate Broker

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  Real Estate License Hanging
Greg Hartline, 
Real Estate Broker 
Deborah Ness, 
Real Estate Broker 
Frequently Asked Questions regarding license hanging - Click HERE