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Las Vegas, NV 89193
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Manago Management, LLC 
WindSun Realty 
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Manago Management, LLC, WindSun Realty, and its other affiliated brokerages, will always give excellent professional service to the community. We will endeavor to consistently provide unquestionable competence and expertise, coupled with the highest ethical standards and integrity.


The owners, management and staff of Manago Management, LLC and its affiliated brokerages hope to enable Agents an opportunity to realize greater success than with other Real Estate Brokerages by providing excellent facilities and services with an emphasis on charging the minimal fees to the agent and insuring that they are competitive within the real estate industry.  
By reducing an Agent’s overhead, our affiliated agent can be more competitive, more lucrative, thus more successful with their real estate endeavors.  
Our agents are self-starters, self-motivated, self-directed and self-driven. Our Agents are independent and personally organized; therefore, they retain the maximum amount of their commissions.
Our brokerage will provide the tools, assistance, and information to our Agents so the Agent can function independently and maximize their truest potential.  
Our agents can grow to be team leaders, mentors, property managers, even branch owners.


Manago Management LLC, WindSun Realty and the Pacific Group are Full-Service, Licensed, Real estate Brokerages and Property Management companies based in the Southern Nevada area. The firms are immediate outgrowth of National Realty & Investment, Inc., formerly one of Nevada’s top 3 largest independent  real estate companies; National Realty & Investment, Inc. has since been closed and ceased operations in January 2003.  Manny Manago, Broker and founder of Manago Management, LLC brought forth together some of the most trustworthy and genuinely dedicated brokers, and agents from the dismantled brokerage of National Realty & Investment, Inc. and created a newly refined brokerage that is more favorable to licensed real estate agents aspiring to be more successful in this sometimes unfavorable business.  By creating a myriad of different brokerages serving different needs of different clients; from property management to commercial real estate sales, the licensed agent benefits from the more simplistic organization concentrating on a specific real estate area; the results are happy customers, satisfied brokers, and handsomely paid agents.  

Manago Management LLC and WindSun Realty, was founded by Manny C. Manago with the help of four other very experienced, dedicated, and highly ethical real estate brokers; Gregory Hartline, Antonio Correia, Debra Ness, and Jesus Esparza.  Our brokerage's initial focus originated as a property management company and commercial real estate organization, offering full service property management and commercial transaction to its clients. We have rapidly grown into one of Las Vegas’ most respected and best run full service real estate brokerage offering a myriad of different services to include real estate license hanging, residential sales, and landlord services. Presently, our brokerages have been joined by a roster of some of Las Vegas’ most respected Agents and professionals.   With exceptional business savvy, persistence, and the optimum employment of automation and technology, Our brokerages will continue to thrive to the benefit of the affiliated agents, the company, and the clients.  

The company’s ongoing goal is to continue to deliver the highest level of service by leveraging its expertise, its commitment to service and its dedication to excellence.  Our enterprise serves clients nationally and internationally.  


Our affiliated brokerages are in the business of providing service to the community by successfully handling full service real estate transactions for the benefit of all involved. Licensed Agents affiliated with our company are expected to provide a valuable service, transactional expertise, in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, problem solving capabilities and general client service commensurate with highly trained professionals in other fields. The Broker and the staff shall always endeavor to be as supportive as possible in assisting Agents with these goals.

In turn, Agents are expected to earn a professional income. Furthermore, it is the philosophy of Manago Management LLC, the Pacific Group, and WindSun Realty that the practicing REALTOR and/or salesperson/licensee should earn a greater share of the profits from each transactional commission check. That is why our brokerages have established our various and highly competitive annual payment plans ($80/yr) and very low commission splits (10%).