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Las Vegas, NV 89193
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Voluntary Termination:  
You may voluntarily surrender your real estate license at any time, and of course, without any recourse or penalties.  We can send your real estate license directly to the Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED) upon your request.  

We will need for you to send us the following Completed NRED forms:  
1.)  NRED form 505
2.)  NRED form 506

NRED form 505 must have the AGENT'S original signature on line 4, and NRED form 506 must also be signed by the AGENT, thus you have to mail the forms to the broker, he will sign where the broker needs to sign and mail the complete packet to the NRED.  Emails, fax, and attachments are not accepted by the NRED because, and again, all signatures must be original.  

mail both forms to:  
Manago Management, LLC
P.O. Box 94556, Las Vegas, NV 89193

Once the broker receives your completed NRED Form 505 and 506, the broker will simply mail your license, along with all the required and signed paperwork to the NRED, thus finalizing your voluntary separation.  

Of Course... if you let your license expire, without any attempt of renewing with the NRED, your affiliation with us simply ends due to the expired license; no real estate company can affiliate with an unlicensed agent. 

If you desire to hand-carry your real estate license to NRED, click here

Keep the broker informed by sending him an email of your intentions, thank you, 

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