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Las Vegas, NV 89193
(702) 283-4858 (Greg's Cell)
If you are moving to another real estate firm, please continue reading.  if you are desiring to inactivate your license and would like your license forwarded to the Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED), click here.    

An agent may terminate their affiliation with our organization at any time without penalty or recourse.  

Separation from our organization to move to another real estate brokerage requires only ONE FORM... 
                                                NRED Form 505

Please download and complete NRED FORM 505.  Mail or drop-off your completed NRED Form 505 to:  

1751 E. Desert Inn Road, Las Vegas, NV 89169

When your NRED Form 505 is received at the office, the broker will sign the form and attach it to your physical real estate license.  You may then pick-up and hand-carry your real estate license to the NRED. 

Please communicate with the broker regarding your Form 505

Again, if you so desire for us (your present broker) to simply forward your license to the NRED so that your R.E. license can be inactivated, click here.  

Just F.Y.I. for agents picking-up their real estate license... ​

On NRED Form 505... the broker will sign two signature lines... one signature line indicates approval of the termination, the other signature line signed by the broker will allow the agent to HANDCARRY their Nevada real estate license with them to the Nevada Real Estate Division.  

NOTE: the date on the termination form is only good for ten days, meaning you have to take your license to the NRED prior to the ten day expiration. Otherwise, your license will automatically become inactive. In order to reactivate an inactive license, continuing education (CE) and additional fees imposed by the NRED will apply. The moral of this story is... take your real estate license to the division right away.  

You may also request to have your real estate license MAILED to the NRED.  If this is your request, CLICK HERE.  

Any questions, contact the Nevada Real Estate Division, also... email the broker.   

(separation from our organization) 
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