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Las Vegas, NV 89193
(702) 283-4858 (Greg's Cell)
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-License Hanging -  Getting Started
If you are presently an active Nevada real estate agent, meaning you are affiliated with a Nevada real estate broker and that specific broker has your Nevada real estate license, then the following would apply to you (keep reading), 

Otherwise scroll to the bottom of the page and "click" one of the two links that would apply to you.  

1.)     You need to first-off "terminate" from your present broker.  

Download Nevada Read Estate Division (NRED) Form 505 (Termination Form).  

Complete the NRED Form 505 and have your present broker sign the form to include signing the line allowing you to hand carry your license to the Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED).  OR simply have your present broker send your real estate license directly back to the real estate division (preferred method).  

2.)     Once the above (line 1) is complete, Download:  

                                        NRED Form 504 (License Change Form) 

Complete form 504 to include your signature.    

3.)     You can drop-off form 504 (License Change Form) at my office located at:

                             1751 E. Desert Inn Road, Las Vegas, NV 89169 

The broker will sign the form and will have it ready for you to pick up so that you can bring that to the NRED to complete your transfer process.  

While you are at the office, you will need to drop-off the following forms (three of them), insure that all of the following documents are completely filled-out to include your signature on the last page and your initials on every page.   

          a.      New agent affiliation form
          b.     An IRS W-9 form (in case you close a real estate transaction)
          c.     An independent contractors agreement (formalizing our affiliation)

         1.)  Drop off NRED form 504 (License Change Form) at our office.
         2.)  Also, drop-off the three completed forms above while you're at the office along
                with a $80 check (no incomplete forms will be accepted; incomplete forms will delay, stop, or   
                cancel your processing).  Ensure that all checks or money orders are made payable to:  
                Manago Management, LLC
         3.)  Return to the office to pick-up the SIGNED 504 Form from our office and proceed to the 
                NRED to finalize your transfer.

Bring the completed NRED Form 505 (Termination form) with your real estate license, 
along with NRED Form 504 ("Change-Form", with our broker's signature), to the Real Estate Division and that's it, you're done. (Don't forget your checkbook)

 The Nevada Real Estate Division's office is located only a few miles from our office, you may contact them directly at:  

                                                                                        (702) 486-4033      NRED website link                                            

VERY SIMPLE and Painless (Only two forms to the NRED and you're done)

NOTE:  License Hanging does not apply to the Property Mgmt. Permit and NV Business Broker Permit 
(Please read the FAQ regarding Prop. Mgmt. Permit and Business Broker Permit) 



1.)     You can send us all the forms mentioned above to our post office box (greater security) and the broker will complete the process for you.    

Manago Management, LLC
P.O. Box 94556
Las Vegas, NV 89193

Send me (mail via USPS - all signatures must be original (NRED requirement), ALL of the following completed documents, and for a little gas money along with the use of the broker's valuable time to have to stand in line for you ($25), the broker will go to the real estate division and finalize the entire process.   

          1.     Completed NRED FORM 505 (Termination Form), signed by your former or present broker ALONG with your real estate  
                  license... OR simply have your present broker send your license back to the real estate division (That's the preferred 
          2.    Completed NRED FORM 504, (Change Form)  OUR broker will sign the form prior to going to the NRED.    
          3.     New agent affiliation form
          4.    An IRS W-9 form (in case you close a real estate transaction)
          5.    An independent contractors agreement (formalizing our affiliation)
          6.    A check or money order made payable to Manago Management, LLC in the amount of $105.00  
                 ($80 initial license hanging fee for one year + $25.00 administrative and processing fee along with traveling to the division
                 and standing in line at the division for you).  
          7.   Also, a check or money order made payable to NRED in the amount of $20.00 (real estate division change fee), 
                insure that the check or money order that's made payable to the NRED has your name as it appears on your real estate 
                license and insure that your real estate license number is entered on the "memo" line of your check.  

NOTE: the $25 admin fee is a ONE time charge for your benefit.  
Again, saving YOU time, money and energy.  
It's very inexpensive, very convenient, and very simple.

NOTE: License Hanging does not apply to the Property Mgmt. Permit and NV Business Broker Permit 
(Please read the FAQ regarding Prop. Mgmt. Permit and Business Broker Permit) 

Kind Regards

Any questions... complete the "Contact Box" on your right and the broker will get back to you as soon as possible.

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